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PHONE 918-427-4492  


SERVED WITH 1ST RECON BN.  Referred by Jim Edwards





Name: Mark G Wehr 
Address: 1003 Oakhill Ave #139 Attleboro MA 02703
Email: markwehr476@yahoo.com
Home Phone number: 508-455-2070

Message to 1st Recon Battalion Association: HI. I served as both a Supply Clerk and as a door gunner aboard a CH-46 Marine Sea Night Helicopter with the 1st Marine Air Wing Purple Fox's at Marble Mountain, Da Nang. It would be an Honor to be a part of this group. I also am a member of The Air Medal Society Group.


Name: Ross McFadden  
Address: 710 McCabe Ave NE Ada MI 49301
Email: rjmao09@gmail.com
Cell Phone Number: 616-644-4141

Dates with Unit: 10/03-9/06




Name: Bruce E Mosley 
Address:  914 Jackson st N  Sulphur Springs Tx 75482

Email: brucemosley5@gmail.com
Cell Phone Number: 972-768-6954
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 2-28-47
Letter Company
(or other Unit Attached): A 3rd plt
Dates with Unit: April 67-Nov.67





Name: Dwayne A Sweet 
Address: 3945 grey livery way antelope CA 95843
Email: ddas11@msn.com
Home Phone number: 541-226-8499
Cell Phone Number: 541-226-8499
Work Phone Number: 541-226-8499
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 02/08/1959
Letter Company
(or other Unit Attached): Bravo Company
Dates with Unit: Dec. '77 to May '83





Name: Cliff Emery 
Address: 1825 13th St W Hastings MN 55033
Email: ccemery@gmail.com
Cell Phone Number: 612-388-6530
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 1950
Letter Company
(or other Unit Attached): Bravo Deuce 
Dates with Unit: Nov '68-Oct '69 with Unit: Dec. '77 to May '83




Name: Ronald Dristle

Address: 7n 778 Sayer Rd.

Bartlett, AL 60103

Email: r.dristle50@gmail.com

Phone: 630-485-1788

Echo Company 1968 - 1969

also went to Subic Bay Philippines for Scuba School. 




 Name:       Paul B Goodwin (Retired Colonel)

Address:   Cincinnati, OH 45255

Email:         kilo6333@gmail.com

Phone:        513-460-0268

I served in 1st Recon in 65 and 66. Plat cmdr and co cmdr Delta Co. 




Name: Emest V Ward "Bo"

Address: 27 Quail Hunt Place, Gordonsville, VA 22942

Email: bcw27@comcast.net

Phone: 540-661-7613

Bravo Company Aug. 1989 - July 1991

Message: I'm looking forward to joining the organization and reuniting with my brothers. Semper Fi





Name: Joseph A Perron

Address: 51 Apache Dr., Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Email: albertperron@cox.net

Phone: 949-709-1346

Charlie & Delta Company 1965-66

Message: I've been looking for Porter do not remember his first name. If anyone has any information could you please let me know. The unit I was in was Deltaw Company (65-66)



 Name: Frederick A Romero

Address: 1026 Florin Rd. #173, Sacramento, CA 95831

Email: cavarrazi7@att.net

Phone: 916-470-7912

Delta Company 1967-1969

Message: Doc Snider, we were in the same Company Fast Day. I'm glad looked up the website, you photos brought back weird memories! I had forgotten alot of names. I even took one of the pictures in your album. Right before we lost 9 and our favorite Bossco! 



 Name: Richard H Fleming

Address:  Freeport, ME 04032

Email: dickfleming@hypermediadesign.com



I was a member of the 1st platoon 1st Recon Btn. in the fall of 1968 and ran many missions with them before being transferred to 1st Force Recon when they were based at Camp Reasoner.

I would love to get in contact with my old team-mates, but hesitate to put my my address or phone number out there on the entire internet.

If the information was limited to only 1st btn. members, that would not be an issue for me.

PS my website is: http://firstforcerecon.com and I have written a book which includes my Btn. patrols. "Chasing Charlie" is available on Amazon.

I have linked in your website to my page.







Name: Mike Adams 
Address: 708 Queens Gate Cir Sugar Grove IL 60554
Email: Adamsgeneral@aol.com
Cell Phone Number: 630-772-9292
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 01/05/1950
Letter Company
Dates with Unit: 3/68-4/69
Spouse Name: Janice Adams
Date of Application: 4-5-18
Can we show your Home/Cell Number on the website. (Yes or No): Yes
Can we show your Home Address on the website. (Yes or No):

708 Queens Gate Cir
Message to 1st Recon Battalion Association: A lifetime ago, and 10,000 miles away in the jungles of Vietnam, we fought together, we bled together and those of us lucky enough to have survived will reunite after 50 years. And you Jarheads, you brothers of war, I can't wait to see you. 





Name: Michael J Witherell 
Address: 1738 NE KAW st Topeka KS 66616
Email: Forconsniper@me.com
Cell Phone Number: (785)2088612
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 03/15/85
Letter Company
(or other Unit Attached): Delta/Force 
Dates with Unit: 2007-2013




Nane: Marc Olmsted

Address: 10325 Amberleigh Court 

 Manassas, VA. 20110

 Email: msolmsted5@comcast.net

(H)  703.369.2202

(C) 703.472.4073

Alpha:1980 – 1982

Yes to display e-mail address and cell number








Name: Hugh M Roop

Address: 7357 Sharp Ave

St Louis, Mo 63116

Email: hughroop@hotmail.com

Phone: 314-250-7770

Date of Birth: 03/13/65

A Co. 1st Light Armored Infantry Bn   3/01/1989-5/01/1991

A Co 1st Reconnaissance Bn (Light Armored) 5/01/1991-11/28/1992


Ronald V Overton

Alpha Company March 1968 - Nov. 1969


Thomas L Jensen

Bravo Company & H&S Comany June 1970 - July 1973


Steve M Risk

Delta Company March 1970 - Sept. 1970


Tracy L Smith

DRP / Scuba Locker 1979 -1981


Larry Hardin

Bravo Company 5th Recon attached to 1st Recon 1968


Donald "Don" Griffith

Delta Company April 1969 transferred to 1st Force May 1969

1stSgt USMC, Ret.


Robert M Lange

Delta Company  1967 - 1968



Ronald L. Hibble

Bravo Company 8/67-4/69



Dave "Tom" Thompson

1st Force Recon Co. 1/27/1968 - 2/22/1969

Email: dthompso@mwt.net

1st Recon Battalion Association

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