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This is the list from our Taps section of this website. Check out the hundreds of Memorial pages found on the Taps section to honor our Fallen Brothers of 1st Recon Battalion Association. "A must-see for all association members".


Blas George Mendez, Sr., Charley Company 1967 and 1968, passed away on July 3rd, 2024 Click Here

Michael "Mike" Shokatz, Bravo Company Sept. 68 - Sept. 69, passed away June 21st, 2024 Click Here

Nolan Byron Warren, Echo Company January 1969 - August 1969, passed away Sept. 17th, 2022 Click Here

Herbert “Ryder” Haskell, Delta Company June 1966 - May 1967, passed away August14, 2023 Click Here

Joe Spacek, Delta Deuce 12/66-12/67 Chu Lai, and later Da Nang, passed away May 19th, 2023 

Troy Hensley SgtMaj, Bravo Company, passed away in February 1st, 2023 Click Here

Jonathan P. Muhl, Bravo Company 2nd Plt. 1977-1978, passed away July 4th, 2020 Click Here

James Lee "Jim" Wohlman, Bravo Company 68-69, passed away November 30th, 2022 Click Here

Philip Peters, Bravo company 66-67, passed away November 21st, 2022 Click Here

Donald “Donnie” Alan Sheppard, Sr, Delta Company, passed away August 29, 2022 Click Here

Vincent James "Ike" Iacopino Recon 48-51, Ike passed away January 28th, 2022 Click Here

Arthur Hansard, Delta Deuce 1/67-2/68, Art passed away from cancer, June 15, 2022 Click Here

Howard "Doug" Wolfe, Bravo Company 3/1968-4/1969 Passed Away 3-31-2022 Click Here

SULIE P. "Frenchy" BOURQUE, Delta Company - Dec. 66 - Apr. 67. Passed Away 2-8-2022 Click Here

Oscar Munoz, Alpha Company 1967-1968, Passed away February 2022

John Evans, Alpha Company 1967-1968, Passed Away February 4th, 2022

Gilbert "Gil" Perez, Bravo Company 3/70 - 3/71, Passed Away 1/23/2022 Click Here

James A. "Jim" Fossos, BRAVO CO. JAN. 66 - NOV. 67 , Passed Away 1/19/2022 Click Here

Stanley Wayne Mozer, Charlie & Bravo Companies 2/70 - 2/71, Passed Away 9/8/2021 Click Here

1st Lieutenant Stephen A. "Steve" Zrenda Jr., Bravo Company 6/70 - 2/71, Passed Away 1/16/21 Click Here

Joe Reyes Jr, ECHO 1ST RECON & BRAVO 5TH RECON 6/68 - 12/70, Passed Away 3/18/2013 Click Here

Carroll Lynn Ford, Alpha Company 1968 to 1970, passed away May 3rd, 1985 (aged 36)  Click Here

William Douglas Philpot, ALPHA COMPANY 1/68 - 1/70, passed away 25 Aug 2019 (aged 69) Click Here

Ricky Lee Fooshee, 1st Force Company Corpsman July 68 - FEB. 69, passed away in 2009 Click Here

Paul B Roshong, 1st Force Company US Navy Corpsman 11/67 - 01/69, passed away 1/12/2021 Click Here 
Arthur L. Cronk, Jr, 1st Force 1967-1969, passed away on March 9, 2020

Michael L Jones "Mike", Charlie Company 1969, passed away May 1st, 2021

David Oestman, Alpha Company 66-67, passed away Wednesday June 10th, 2021 @ 5pm 

Kyle Randall Bell, Alpha Company, passed away on Saturday, May 22, 2021, in Jacksonville, Florida Click Here

Charles L Constance Sergeant Major Ret., passed away May 21st, 2021 Click Here

Robert Lee "Doc" Parsons, Delta Company, 67/68 Passed Away January 20, 2021 Click Here

Ralph M. Switzer, Alpha 69-70 passed away Thursday October 11, 2012 Click Here

Mark Angel Guillen, Passed Away July 21, 1978 (Found Obituary on 2/20/2021) Click Here

William Edward Dallmann Passed Away on June 13, 1982 (Found Obituary on 1/16/2021) Click Here

Patrick "Pat" Grady Passed Away on December 10th, 2020 Click Here

Gerald Charles "Jerry" Kirk Passed Away on January 29th, 2014 (Found Obituary on 11/13/2020)

Ernie Wayne Wallace Passed Away March 11, 2008 Click Here (Found Obituary on 11/13/2020)

Armo Richard "Rich" Bonini Jr.  Passed Away October 4th, 2020 Click Here

Dave John Rusinko passed away August 26th, 2020 Click Here

Robert Jay Todd passed away April 28, 2010 (Found obituary on 10/16/2020)

Stephen W. "Steve" Bruch  passed away June 17, 2012 (Found obituary on 10/8/2020)

Samuel J. "Jerry" Keker passed away peacefully on February 7, 2015 (Found obituary on 10/6/2020)

HALL, LCpl Raymond Michael "Mick" Echo Company 68-69 (Passed Away 8/10/2020)

Stephen John McInerny, Alpha 1968 - 1969

Charles Bauer (Pappy), BRAVO COMPANY FEB 1969 - NOV 1969

Captain John C Clary III,

Bill Smith, Alpha Co. 66/67

Terrence Leo "Terry" Moore, LtCol Retired

Col. Donald N. McKeon Sr,  Former Battalion Commander (1966-67)

Major Phillip E PRINICE, CO Bravo, Charlie, 1st Force, H&S Companies (1970-1973)

Doc Terry L Coffin, Alpha Company - Corpman

Kenneth Androes, Ken was a member of 2nd Plt. Delta Company Teams: Mayfly & Vesper Bells

Bernie J. Kuntz, Bravo company 1970 -1971

Jeffrey Jerauld Hein, Jeff passed away on Feb. 20, 1970 Delta Company (Radioman) 1st Recon Battalion 1969

Patrick Michael Kerivan "Pat", Passed Away 12/2019 Bravo Company

SgtMaj. Robert R. Cottle,

Sgt. Jonathan J. Simpson,

Sgt Seth M. Algrim,

Sgt. Nicholas R. Walsh,

1st Lt. Travis L. Manion,

Ciro Antimo Viento, Alpha Company

Albert King Dixon II, Company Commander Passed Away 7/6/2020

Sgt Rodney D Shova, Echo Company Sept 67 - Nov 69

Sergeant Robert "Bob" Morris, Passed Away Saturday, March 26, 2016

Christian Michael Otto Regenhard, Passed Away Sept 11, 2001 (aged 28)

Roger Dennis Fleming, Alpha & H&S Companies 69-70


Robert Thornton "Thunder", Charlie Company

David William Shaffer,

Charles L. Gillespie III,

Steven M. Mace,

Hugh Conor McDowell, Dies in training accident

Charies "Chuck" Bosley, Passed Away 2019

Ricardo C "Rick" Binns, Passed Away 11/10/2018

John L. Camara, Recon Company 1953 Korea

Jimmy Linton Rosser, 1st Force 68-69

Robert Danny Anders, Charlie Company January 1968 - July 26th, 1968

HM3 Steve "Doc" Lakernick, 1948 - 2019

George Warrington, Delta 66/67

Jack Below, Bravo & Charlie Companies Oct. 66- Apr. 67

Gy Sgt Rodney Harry Pupuhi,  1st, 3rd & 5th Recon Bn, 1st, 5th & 6th Force Recon Companies 1965 & 1968 

David Vasquez, Charlie Company, RVN 1967-68

Harlen (Skip) Cooper, XO 1st Recon Bn 1970-71

Robert "Doc" Stomp, Delta Company, 1967-68

Alvin "Skip" Bachman, Delta Copmany Nov. 66 - Dec. 67

Gene Breeze, Recon Company 1955

Lloyd Stewart, Delta Company June 1969 - June 1970

Raymond Rowell, ALPHA & 1st FORCE 1973-1976

Doug Durban, Alpha Company 1965-66

Michael Harder, Alpha Company 1967-69


Colonel Richard D. Mickelson, CO, 1st Recon Battalion Vietnam 1968-1969

Eddie Ash, Charlie and H&S Companies Vietnam 1965-66

Luther "Lee" Freeman, Bravo and H &S Companies Vietnam 1964-66

Staff Sergeant Caleb Medley, Force Reconnaissance Company

FERNANDO ORTEGA, Alpha & Bravo Companies, RVN 1970-71

JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Bravo Company, 1961-63, 1965-67

JEFFERY LINSTEAD, Bravo Company, RVN 1965-66

HARRY STEEVER, Bravo Company, RVN 1970

WILLIAM DOHERTY, Delta Company, RVN 1966-67

RICHARD HUTCHENS, Bravo Company, RVN 1968-69

Jerry L. Creed,  Alpha Company, 1st Recon Bn Vietnam 1970-1971

Logan R. Davis, Echo Company, 1st Recon Bn Vietnam 1967-68 

Welton City, Bravo Company, 1st Recon Bn Vietnam 1967-67

Henry Keeler, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1970-71

Peter Koerner, Delta Company, RVN 1967-68

Jesse Smith, Delta Company 66/67

Gordon Pueschner, 1st Recon 65/67 and 69

James D. Stacey, Alpha Company 1969-1970

Joseph Specht, 1st Force Company 1966

Leroy Cardenas, Bravo Company, 1970-71

Raymond A Duncan Jr,

Bernard Szumigala,

Bob McConaghy, (2 Cool) H&S COMM SEC / 1ST FORCE VN

Col. Richard "Dick" Oxnam, 1st Recon CO Korea

Lt Col Michael J. Smith, 1988/1994

Ben Szumagala, Delta CoMPANY 67/68

Val Fuiava, Alpha Company 70/71 Team Cayenne

William Kern, Reconnaissance Company 1993-1997

Corporal Ryan L. Pape, Force Reconnaissance Company 09 Parachute accident

Todd A Werda, Charlie Company 1989-1992

Fred Joseph Balester Jr.  

Ken "Pony" Monell, Charlie Company 68

Jim Giles, Echo Company 68

Joe Keegan, Alpha Company Feb. 68 - March 69

Aron Speck, Team: Hanover Sue Delta Company 69-70

Raymond Duncan, Delta Company 67/68

Steve Aaron, Bravo Company June - Oct. 68

Donald Sexton, Alpha Company 70/71

Walter Hutchens, Bravo Company 68/69

Rodney Poston, Bravo Company 66/67

Joe Molosky, DRP (Deep Recon Platoon) Commander 84

Roy Lee Jones, Charlie Company RVN 1970

Capt. Brent Lee Morel,

Joseph R Martinez, Echo & Alpha Companies 1969-1970

Tony Martinez, Alpha Company  1969-1970

1st Lt Travis Manion, 1st Recon Bn. was KIA to a sniper April 28 just outside of Fallujah.

Sgt. Nicholas R. Walsh, Died May 26 from wounds suffered in Al Anbar province, Iraq.

Robert M. Shannon Jr., Alpha, Bravo, H&S, 1st Force 11/66 - 7/67 Corpsman 

Gary Husar, 1st Recon March 66 - Aug. 67 Alpha Sniper, Delta Clerk, S-2, & S-3

Michael Holmes,  Delta Company Team Duckbill 66/67

William Alexander, Alpha & Charlie Companies 79/80

Lt Col Rod Richardson, USMC (Ret) Iraq

Sergeant Jonathan J. Simpson, Al Anbar, Iraq

Corporal Seth M. Algrim,

Robert Quigley, Delta Company Feb 69 - Feb 70 Team 2/1

Gunnery Sergeant Jimmie E. Howard, Medal of Honor Recipients

Sgt Maj Gene D Mills,

Sgt. Alessandro Carbonaro,

Cpl. Cory L. Palmer,

Cpl. William B. Fulks,

Lt. Col. James N. Bright,

Capt. David M. Moreau,

Cpl. Ryan M. Scott,

Mark Smykowski,

Richard F. Davidson, He was a Korean Conflict Combat Veteran

SSgt John Peeples, Delta Company 1st Recon Bn 1967   Click Here

Bruce Ware, 3rd platoon, Echo Company, 1st Recon from December 1967 to December 1968

SSGT Jeffrey R. Starling,

John A. "Jack" Sleeper,

Michael Lee Hazelton, The Arizona Platoon

THOMAS DUANE WORREL, Alpha Company 1st Recon Bn

Ronald S. Colombani, Vietnam War Bravo Company from 1966 to 1968

Brian L. McMann,

1st Sgt Edward "Horsehead" Smith,

Edward William Henry III, Alpha Company Corpsman 1968

Maurice J. Starr, USMC 1950 - 1953 Korean War Veteran

Michael "Doc" Cassidy, Bravo Company

Lt Col Durward "Butch" Waddill,

Walter C. Hudson,

Terry Joe Stapleton,

Michael W. Sheridan, 2nd Platoon, Delta Company 1966-1967

Jon Dwight "JD" Gibson,

Captain John F. Dunn,

Colonel Richard D Mickelson, Commanded the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion 68-69

David Harry Fulsang, SSgt 1st Recon 70-71

George Anthony Warrington, Delta Company 66-67

Corporal Riley E. Pape,

SSgt Caleb Medley,

Edward (Peter) Reed Jr III, Charlie Company 1966

Benjamin Franklin Carson,

William A. "Bill" Doherty Sr., Moon Man Echo Company 67

Jeff Balliet, Alpha Deuce,

Luther "Lee" Freeman, Bravo & H&S Companies 64-66

Eddie Ash, Charlie & H&S Companies 65-66

John J Evers Jr, Charlie Company Korea

Denis Gerdes,

David Jolley, Charlie Company 3rd Platoon

Stanley Grodzki,

Colonel Klaus D "Nick" Schreiber, 1st Recon 68

Captain Dennis Storm, Bravo Company 69

Col.  William "Doc" White, CO Echo Company 68-69

Master Gunnery Sgt. Leonard P. "Lennie" Miller Jr., Delta Company 67-69

Capt. Bill Buhl, 1st Recon 1965

Captain Benjamin F Dillingham, Alpha & Bravo Companies 70-71

Stanley Alan Kozlowski,

Ron Benoit, Delta Company 66-67

Billy Ellis, Charlie Company 68-69

Bill Hunter, Echo Company 69-70


TERRY TURNER, Lt Colonel USMC (Retired) Bn XO Dec. 69 to Aug. 70

JOHN A BEARD, Charlie Company 1966-1967

RAY TIBBETTS, Echo Company 1967-1968



RAYMOND L "ROY" JONES, 1st Force 8/69-8/70








Michael J StClair,




BERNARD E TRAINOR, Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General KLAUS H "Snake" URBANIAK, Alpha Company 67-69 Tail End Charlie




THOMAS A YAX, USMC  Scout Sniper 1969-71



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