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Posted by, Doug Wolfe

Posted by, Doug Wolfe

November 24th, 2020

Today we remember Colonel Wesley L. Fox, who died on this day three years ago.

A mustang and legendary Force Reconnaissance Marine who served in 1st and 2nd Force Recon Companies and 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, he served our Nation for 43 years and fought in both Korea and Vietnam.

He earned the Medal of Honor while serving as an Infantry Officer in 1st Battalion 9th Marines in Vietnam.

“Forever shall I strive to maintain the tremendous reputation of those who have gone before me”

He Refused To Die And His Marines Wouldn’t Leave Him

This is a story of heroism and of survival. It is about the dedication that Marines have for one another on the one hand and about the will to live on the other. It will move you and make you think about what combat veterans know and remember for the rest of their lives.

Posted by, Roger Fleming
Just received this from John Winter. It was in his VFW magazine this month.

August 2017

At the 1st Recon Battalion Association Reunion in Norfolk, VA. with my Vietnam buddy's, some that I haven't saw in 50 year's. "SWEET" That's me holding the 1st Recon Bn. Poster.
Posted by, Roger Fleming

Barry Fiske, Rick Sikkema, Dave Fowler. Echo Co. 1st Recon

Rick Sikkema

Late December of 1968. On the way to the range, I think! Anyone know who this is? I was in Echo Co. Thanks Carl!

Anyone remember this? I clipped this out of a newspaper, I don't believe it was Stars & Stripes! May have been after I got home

Michael LoGiudice DC,,this is a photo of C Co 1st Recon Bn in Spring, 1977. If you look closely, you can see we all have our top buttons buttoned up. This was because some Marines had green t-shirts on and some still had on white ones. The CO didn't want both t-shirts in the photo,,,this was during the transition time from white to green,,,FYI

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Bick Alberto DeMeo
(Captain Al)

Photojournalist Catherine Leroy with men of the 26th Marine Regiment, 1967.

Bick Alberto DeMeo
(Captain Al)


The 200+ brothers from RI who didn't come home. 

WOW Bick Thank you  Lisa Locatelli

Part 11  - 2021

Meet our Sergeant at Arms

Mike Collins

Children of the Vietnam War

Quilts of Valor

Sgt. Dennis Ulstad

by Ronald Overton

When I arrived in country in March of 1968, Sgt. Dennis Ulstad was already ‘larger than life’. What was most difficult for me, was to try to square the legend with the man. You see, Denny was very quiet and shy and soft spoken. In addition, he actually looked a cherub. Personally, he always reminded me of Peter Noonan from Herman’s Hermits.

Japanese Garden Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona

Arizona is peerless, her breezes are soft, And mostly her sky is surprisingly fair, For "the sweet little cherub" on duty aloft, Controlling the tricks of the ambient air, Is vigilant always-good-natured enough In doing his meteorological stunts; Yet sometimes we think, when the weather is rough, That he tries to dispense all his product at once.

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