2019 Reunion Photos

Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky

Please start making your plans to join us in August, 2020 for a week of tradition, fun, and comradery.

August 7th-11th, 2019

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See You All in the Washington DC Area in 2020 (God Willing)



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"You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough."

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Conrad-Caldwell House

Louisville, Kentucky

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Next year's reunion is being held somewhere around Washington DC. It'll be around the first of August so mark your calendars. For those who have never been, think about the excursions they might have- Quantico, the Marine Corps museum, DC. BTW on the excursion to Fort Knox this year a Korea vet rode behind me on the bus. He said that at the Marine Corps museum, in the COLD Korea room there is a full wall photo of the troops coming down from Chosin. He said that if you looked closely there was one Marine flipping them the bird. Said he couldn't remember the guy's name but remembered him for the guy always flipping everyone off. Teehehe. He said he asked the guides but no one had ever noticed. OoohRah. You don't hear about these things unless you come to a reunion. SF Ronald Overton‎ 

Those willing to pose after annual Recon Assn lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland. Great meal and very successful auction afterwards to keep us afloat financially. 2012 Reunion

2012 Reunion Photo

Portland, Oregon

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Dear Members,
I would like to thank everyone who attended the Louisville, KY reunion. Hope everyone who was there had a good time and that everyone made it home safely.

Here are the newly elected Association Officers to serve the 2019-2021 term:
President - Jim Fossos (Acting President Jerry Johs)
Vice President - A.J. Burn
DVP East - Elmer Hawkins
DVP Central - Phil Peeler
DVP West - Larry V. Miller
Chaplain - Denny Weisgerber
Sgt-at-Arms - Tom Clark
Secretary - Pierre Sims
Legal - James T. Allison
DAL West - Steve Dulin
DAL Central - Jerry Corrento
DAL East - Steve "Doc" Lakernick

Jim Fossos is still making progress on his health. The Executive Board voted to extend my service as President until the Anniversary in January. At that time the Board will decide our course.

Cheryl would like to thank everyone who donated items for her silent auction. Also would like to thank all the ladies who attended the ladies luncheon. And a big thank you to KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner for entertaining us at the ladies luncheon and before the banquet.

Attention retired senior officers and staff NCOs:
We are searching for a Volunteer Executive Director.
A great volunteer opportunity with the First Marine Division Association.
This volunteer would work directly with the president and board of this iconic veterans association (IRS C19) and fund raising efforts in support of the First Marine Division Association Scholarship Fund (IRS C3).
Applicants should be within commuting distance of Camp Pendleton.
Contact President Jerry Johs at geronamo0122@gmail.com for more information.

The deadline for submissions to appear in the Jul-Sep-Aug edition of The Old Breed News is upon us. Get your story to HQ next week to be included.

Please make plans to attend the upcoming FMDA Anniversary. The dates are set.

Arrive: Sunday, January 26
Depart: Saturday, February 1, 2020.
Please watch for more details in the BDN and OBN.

Semper Fi,

Jerry Johs

72nd Annual Reunion
Louisville, Kentucky

General Membership Meeting
10 AUG 2019

Call to order- Welcome by CK:
Pledge of Allegiance: Recited by all
Blessing: Gruetzmacher and Backer provided blessings.
Secretary’s Report: Ron Overton filling in for Snider as Secretary reviewed the
2018 annual meeting minutes. Unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Howland reported we have $10,120 in our checking account
and $22,700 in a Money Market account. He also reported that this year’s
auction netted $2800 and the Refreshment fund would probably net just over
$400. Membership unanimously approved.

President’s Report:
Association is in very sound financial shape.

Floyd has done a great job with both the data base of the association and
managing the website.

CK reported current status of the 1 st Recon Bn – while conducting some
superb training, they are going through a change of command. This is
why we did not have the CO at our banquet.

Association Trainor Military Writing Award awarded it’s first to ________?

Old Business:

Still working on obtaining the Camp Reasoner sign from Vietnam.
Their government apparently is using it as a tourist attraction for battle field tourist
trips. Even if they release it, the logistics of having it moved home are significant.
It’s both heavy and large.

New Business:

Recon belt buckles and shirts. CK distributed the belt buckles that had
been ordered but is still waiting on the shirts. Orders for additional
buckles and shirts were taken.

CK discussed membership issues and how to attract younger marines.
Working with Bn to have a flyer in their ‘going away’ package, seeking
active duty marines, working with social media including our facebook

We agreed to donate $1000 per year to the Semper Fidelis fund as this is
quite high profile and contributes 98 cents of every dollar to help marines.

Doc Snider had earlier suggested that we recruit members from every
region to attend funerals of fallen brothers. Backer told of an instance
where he did and how the family was so grateful. It was agreed to start
acting on this.

Certificates of commendation challenge coins were awarded to 1 st timer
reunion attendees.

Election of Officers: will need to accept obligations of
Director: Gene Lashley was elected.
Historian: Rabenold will fill the position in an acting capacity until next
Treasure: Howland was reelected as treasurer.
Vice President: Gruetzmacher was elected.

It was decided by division to have the convention in the Washington D.C. area.

Semper Fi

Meeting Minutes

1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association

2019 Annual Meeting Attendees
August 10, 2019

1. Eugene Lashley

2. Mike Collins
3. Bob A. Ast
4. Troy Hensley
5. ??
6. Wm. Lurch Laber
7. Jim W. ???
8. J.J. Clark
9. Ron Overton
10. Herman Jonse
11. Floyd Ruggles
12. Bob Buehl
13. Bill
14. Don Bridenstine
15. Tom Southerland
16. C . . . ??
17. Jon McCurry
18. Tom Hyder
19. Gary Maxam
20. Mike Adams
21. Gruetzmacher
22. Creg Howland
23. Charlie Kershaw
24. Kent Dickson
25. David Backer
26. Dan Turpin
27. C. Howdy Howdyshell

Mrs. Global America Rhonda Howdyshell and June Cormier
welcome Reunion attendees

Color Guard Sgt Joseph Ng, Sgt Michael Laswell, Sgt Nater, Sgt Stevens,
and Cpl DeShields at the Banquet.

Paul Wojahn and Elmer Hawkins

Welcome MajGen Robert F. Castellvi to the Reunion

Report of the 72nd Annual Reunion

The Association gathered August 5th - 10th for our 72nd Annual Reunion in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a meeting of new and old friends, and was generally enjoyed by all the attendees. Registrations came in at 145, besting the count of 132 last year in Colorado. Spouses and guests bring the total attendance to 243.

During the week we toured Fort Knox, Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger factory, and bourbon distilleries. Thursday's Bowling Night was the sports highlight of the week. Beer, hot dogs, and chili were downed as we slammed the pins.

At Saturday's General Membership members voted to meet next year in Washington D.C.

The week finished with the Saturday night banquet. First Marine Division Commanding General MajGen Robert F. Castellvi was guest of honor. He was accompanied from Camp Pendleton by Capt Bruce, SgtMaj Whitcomb, the Division Color Guard, and a bugler from the Division Band. Association Chaplain GySgt Denny Weisgerber served as MC.

The raffle winners were drawn at the banquet. The 50/50 prize of $515 went to Paul Javins. Steve Dulin took the KA-BAR. President Jerry Johs won the AR-10.

We are still putting the accounting details together, but, preliminarily, it appears we finished this Reunion in the black. A full report will appear in the next edition.

Cheryl and President Jerry Johs grab a souvenir after a long week of fun

Our 2020 reunion will be held in Washington DC Area. Hope to see all of our members at the next years reunion God Willing. Please start making your plans to join us in a week of tradition, fun, and comradery in 2020.

Olga Fincher and Captain Bruce at the banquet.

Table 2 sat the Loudermilks, Warrs, Mullans, and Howdyshells

KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner entertained at the Ladies' Lunch and at the Banquet.


 General Membership meeting.

Board of Directors

GySgt Denny Weisgerber MC's at the head table