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Email from John Bowcock

April 20th, 2018 5:19pm

I broke out the old photo album and found the photos from the reunion at Quantico in 2008 that he encouraged me to attend after my retirement in July of 08
It was a long hall from 1967-1973 in the Corps That DOD Civ thru 1992 with FLARNG to active duty army and the reunion was the tops for the closure and it was the Corps that made me the shining star.
Always used the words from Gunny Fryman, Charlie Co if you’re here for promotions better find a new home. Used it at a 3 star briefing with a different spin when asked what do we need to get you old goats master sergeants promoted SGM (the other was a Army RECONDO grad, class of 68 with Marines) Reply was nothing sir, we are not in it for promotions we like what we are doing, and they kept us from Oct 2001 thru 2008 were we helped write policy for the Wounded Warrior and Family Hotline.

Bob knew the story, told me the best way to close it was to attend the reunion and that I will always be remembered.

Dang even got a picture with Gen Trainer and Bob, doesn't get any better than that.

It was great to swap stories with those who put up with me as a motor t marine who got to do things most will never get to do.

Yes he is one Marine who will always be a Marine


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More photos coming soon

More photos coming soon

Bob was a great friend an Marine we meet at the reunion in two different time last one we shared a table in 2000 Camp penliton it was my honor to have none Him.1-1 Chu-Lai 65-66-67 Delta Com.

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