Carroll Lynn Ford
8/16/1948 - 5/3/1985

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My Name is: Angela R Ford-Downs
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Subject: Carroll Lynn Ford, Alpha Company Photo
Message: I lost my Daddy last November, a World War II First Division Marine. I was missing him tonight and just browsing the internet looking up the First Marine Division when I saw the 1st Marine Recon Battalion Association. So, knowing my big brother (who died in 1985) was part of Alpha Company, I looked at your photos and I saw his picture! It was great comfort to me. Almost like a comforting hug from him. Thank you! God Bless you. Semper Fi!

ALPHA COMPANY  1968 to 1970


Let me start by saying it was nice to hear from you. I'm sorry for such a delay in responding to your email.

I was saddened to hear of your father's passing and your big brother passing in 1985. He will be greatly missed by all of the association members especially our members from Alpha Company 1st Recon Battalion. I do not have the dates of his service with Alpha Company. Do you have any information that you can share with me, so I can fill in the blanks?

Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers today. I can't even imagine the pain that you go through. The loss of a father & your big brother.

This is a link to your brother's web page that I'm working on. This is a work-in-progress. Hopefully I can get some help from you? This is the link to the 1st Recon Battalion Association website and your brother's

web page:  You can send in photos or stories anytime and I'll gladly add them to his web page.  Thank you for informing us on his passing.

He came this way but once. Yet, he touched our lives in many ways while he were here. We shall remain eternally grateful for his friendship and for the influence he bestowed upon us.

Semper fi,

Floyd Ruggles, 

1st Recon Battalion Association

Membership Director & Webmaster

Dear Floyd,
I thank you for your email. I have several photos I will send you. Lynn was in the Marines from 1968 to 1970 (I think). I cannot find Lynn's DD214. Arnie Allen (Alpha Company) kept in touch with Lynn and, then with me after Lynn's death for some years. If you happen to speak with him, tell him I said hello. My phone number and address are listed below. Call me anytime.
Thank you and God bless you,
Angie Downs
Amarillo, Texas 

Carroll Lynn Ford
8/16/1948 - 5/3/1985

ALPHA COMPANY  1968 to 1970

Thanks for the response. I look forward to getting some pictures of your brother. I have revised the page as you requested. Please let me know if it is okay. I wouldn't want to cause you or anyone in the family any further pain. I no longer have a valid email for Arnie*. Once I track him down I will pass on your message. Thanks.

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The revised page looks very nice. I appreciate your understanding and working so faithfully to honor him as well as considering our feelings. I was 20 years old when Lynn was killed and I still have not gotten over losing him.  I will scan the photos I have and email them as soon as possible. Take care and thank you again. 

Angie Downs