Dong Den Mountain

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Pictures of Dong Den 1979 during and after the rebuild. Photos from

James Howard 

Dong Den Comm Bunker

Dong Den Late

Dong Den Looking Southeast

Echo Company, Dong Den 1969

Alpha Company, 3rd Recon Bn, Dong Den Vietnam

Bravo Company 1968

Dong Den Mountain

Echo Company 1969

Dong Den Mountain

The Trip To Dong Den Mountain
by Arnold Reiner

Floyd & Linda

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Another incident occurred in 1966, in a location known as Hill 868 in Quang Nam Province, the home of several Rock Ape sightings throughout the war. In this account, a Marine unit was reporting to their captain that they had spotted movement in the brush, which they assumed was being caused by Viet Cong. The captain told his unit over the radio not to fire. Not long after, the unit reported back that, rather than Viet Cong, they were being surrounded by hairy, bipedal humanoid creatures.

The captain told the unit that rather than firing on the creatures, they should instead throw rocks. However, this backfired, as the creatures began throwing the rocks back at them. At this point, the Marines guessed there were hundreds of these creatures, far too overwhelming an amount to stick with their current plan.

The Marines were told to change tactics and use their bayonets to fight the creatures. Soon after the order was given, the captain heard over the radio what sounded to him like an epic battle. Afterwards, men were sent out to investigate. The location was covered with injured—but not dead—Marines as might be expected, but also allegedly the bodies of several Rock Apes. This became known as the Battle of Dong Den, though the only evidence of the event and the dead Rock Ape bodies littering the battlefield seems to be eyewitness accounts, as with most alleged cryptid sightings.

Dong Den Mountain

Patrol Report 014-68