Part 2

Christian Regenhard 1st Recon 95-97
New York Fighterfighter lost on 9-11-01

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Christian Regenhard

Part 3

PFC Thomas Edward Jenning

Hill 200

June 3rd, 1968


Patrol was attacked by an estimated 40 VC. Black PJ's, rifles, ctg belts, grenades and suspected satchel charges. The attack was very sudden and opened with large explosions of an unknown origin. As the patrol returned fire, VC swept through their position in the few minutes immediately following the explosions. The action resulted in 8 USMC KIA, 7 USMC WIA, 1VC KIA conf., and 6VC KIA prob. 3 USMC WIA (1 later DOW) were med-evaced. Due to darkness, weather, and negative comm, the rest of the patrol remained in position until a reaction force aided in their extraction at 040700H. The VC attacked in 2 groups from the North and "SE". Spooky supported the patrol the remainder of the night with unknown results. There was negative enemy activity after the initial assult.


Ron F Kitzke