It is with great sadness that I inform you that Pat Grady has had his
last extract. In 1966-67, Pat served in B Company in Viet Nam.

Pat was a fine Marine and among the first to join the 1st Reconnaissance
Battalion Association and later serve as Association Vice President.

Pat lost a valiant fight with the Covid virus.

Our condolences to Pat's wife, Victoria, and his family.

Charlie Kershaw

Patrick P. "Pat" Grady

Scottsdale, Arizona

Patrick P. "Pat" Grady

To all of Patrick’s friends
Victoria wanted me to tell you all that Patrick Passed at 11:50 Phoenix time today (December 10th, 2020) from the COVID virus. They were on a conference call with Patrick, Victoria, Sandra and Tommy when he passed. Because of COVID they could not be in the room with him, but he new they all loved him so very much. He was one of the most generous and kind men I have had the pleasure of knowing for more than 20 years. Please send your prayers and love to the family at this very sad time.
Patrick we will see you again❤️
Jerry and Carol

Rest in Peace, Pat

Posted by, Carol Kuhl Besenhofer

 From, Carol & Jerry Besenhofer

Posted by, Michael Lamb
Sending all the love to the Grady family. Pat was an awesome man, he will be missed dearly. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Pat's Last Extract

Our brothers live on as long as we remember them and tell all of the good stories we have of Pat. Semper Fi Marine
Dave ‘Doc’ Snider

It is with heavy heart that I report that Patrick P. Grady passed away yesterday Friday the 10th from Covid. He was put on a ventilator Saturday the 5th. He was a member of Bravo Co. 3rd platoon from December 1965 through 1967. He held several posts in our Recon organization and went to most of the reunions since 1992. Fortunately everyone else in his family that got the virus survived. Posted by, Larry Hanson 12/11/2020

Doug Wolfe
Semper Fi my brother

Larry Hanson

Too many people running around don’t take this virus serious. 270,000+ have died and yet some people (ignorant) still think this is a hoax or that the government is trying to control them. Unbelievable the amount of inconsiderate stupid that’s out there.

Larry F. Quigley

Will be lifting family up in prayer. All join in, prayer sometimes is all we have. God’s peace is there to comfort. Glad Pat could be with us—Semper Fi Marine—see ya later.

David and Shan Backer

Ronald Overton
RIP Marine. SF

Timothy Christensen
Rest In Peace brother

Jimmy Page

One more Marine reporting sir...

Dave Doc Snider

Oufrbrothers will live forever as long as they are remembered. Semper Fi Marine

Denny Eller
Rest easy now, brother, God has called you home.

Albin Hudek
Mission complete. Rest peacefully

Justin Murray
Damnit! I just shipped his paddle to him last week.

Gary Murray Sr.
You fought the good fight, Marine. At ease. Semper Fi and God Bless.

Curtis Gruetzmacher
So hear! I will be praying for family

Larry Hanson
Justin Murray that’s a shame, he would have liked it.

Justin Murray
Larry Hanson hopefully he got to see it before he passed.

Larry Hanson
Justin Murray I’ll let you know

Justin Murray
Larry Hanson thanks brother.

Larry Hanson
Justin Murray Victoria sent him pictures of the paddle 3-4 days before he went into ICU so most likely he did get to at least see pics of it on his phone

Justin Murray
Larry Hanson thanks. I just messaged her. I'm glad he got to see it.

Member of 1st Recon Battalion Association since August 21, 2012

Victoria & Patrick Grady


1st Recon Battalion Association Reunion

Last update December 13, 2020 2:00PM

Thomas & Keyla Grady

Pat's Son & Daughter-in-law

I Know it’s has been couple difficult rough weeks for our Family due to this Corona Virus

Dear Lord
Thank you

For my Father in Law (Dad) Patrick P. Grady Healing and Recovery!
I have Faith, I Believe it

Dear Lord

That this temporarily symptoms are and will be gone from his body

I Believe in your Loving Power

I Believe in your Healing Power

I Believe!


Pat Grady

February 9TH, 2020

Thomas P Grady

Pat's Son

Precision Metal Products LLC is disabled veteran-owned business and was founded in 2012 by Marine Corps Veteran Patrick Grady. Patrick, along with his son Thomas Grady, collectively have over 70 years of experience in the sheet metal industry. PMP is focused on fabricating parts for various industries, strives to provide high quality parts and assemblies components, and enjoys working with clients to make their custom designs precise and cost-effective.
Our design team coupled with years in the precision metal industry has given us the ability to help all of our customers using new and innovative systems and best practices. It is our end goal to build products that the customer wants and needs. The Grady’s believe in developing partnerships with their customers and are committed to fair and honest business practices.

Posted by Keyla 12/1/2020

Posted by Thomas 12/2/2020

For those of you that know, the last couple weeks have hit my family extremely hard. Covid grabbed a hold of me, my wife an my dad. Keyla Grady was the strongest one and along with my sister Sandie Grady Zerilli looked to protect us and help the family in ways you only read about, in my opinion. I was in the hospital and was not doing well, 2 days before getting out my father Patrick P. Grady was admitted into the hospital. My father is my best friend, the beacon of the family and the shield. Today is his 73rd Birthday, and for an old Irish Marine I know that he will be ok. He is battling hard and it breaks my heart that I can not do more. Regardless he is the most amazing person that I know, with a will and a do not stop drive and leave no one behind EVER!
The best I can do is wish you a happy birthday Dad, and look forward to celebrating with you once we piss all over Covid as a family!!
Thank you Dad for everything you have taught me, pushing me to be a man that you could see long before anyone else ever could. You know how to get things done and bring people together. For that you are the Family Patriarch!
From your friend, your son, and one who knows and understands the things you have taught and why.
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE, without you I would not be who I am today.
Love always,
Your son

Sandie Grady Zerilli

Pat's Daughter

The Chapel at the Luxor

I must say, I called this when you told me you were going to Vegas ... Sisters Intuition!! Congrats!!! Posted by Sandie Grady Zerilli May 2014

Thomas & Keyla Grady

The Chapel at the Luxor

Thomas & Keyla Grady

Rick Sikkema
Killed by the Chicom 55 years later.

Bick Alberto DeMeo
Til Valhalla Brother

Carl Medin
RIP Recon.

Jason Brooks

Denny Eller
Rest easy now, brother, God has called you home.

Robert Lee Castaneda
Denny Eller

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Sandie Grady Zerilli
Justin Murray... Patrick is my father and I love the paddle you made for him. We will cherish it. Thank you for posting this.

Thomas P Grady
Justin Murray amazing work! My dad would had loved it. Our family really appreciates it

Steven Dell
RIP Marine Semper Fi Brother