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Ice Bound 

March 17th-21st, 1968 #150-68

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Patrol Report #174-68

Clarlie Ridge

The Jim Southall Story, Over 100 Patrol Reports.

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LCpl Southall 10th Patrol 95 hours with 1 sighting south of Dong Den.

Members of Lance corporal Jim Southall's 10th patrol were:

Cpl J. A. Mattson, this is the last time they will work together on patrols. These are the patrols they worked together on: patrols 2 & 5-10. Cpl Mattson is one of the best patrol leaders he will have in the 1st Recon Battalion in Vietnam.

PFC  Whiting,  this is the last time they will work together on patrol before he is wounded in action (WIA) on hill 200 and sent home.

PFC Michael J Beck, this is the last time they will work together on patrol before being killed on hill 200 on June 3rd, 1968.

PFC Charles F Huff  will not appear on patrol reports with Jim Southall before being killed on hill 200 on June 3rd, 1968.

Corpsman Mokrzecki, this is the first patrol he worked together with Jim Southall. They will work aogether on Jim's 23rd patrol. This corpsman was part of the rescue unit dispatched on December 27th to hill 882 in the Hio Quo Mountain range in Vietnam. On December 27th, 1968 at 1750 hours (5:50 PM) 25-30 VC/NVA began firing 200-300 rounds into team Grim Reaper's position and throwing approximately 10 chicom grenades resulting in LCpl Ronald F Kitzke being killed, PFC G.T. Egan being WIA along with PCF R.J. Majewski. Corpsman HM3 Mokrzecki and HM3 R.G. Smith treated the wounded and transported them to safety. Check out patrol report #701-67 patrol Leader Sgt Thomas

Cpl Dye, this is the last time he worked with Jim Southall on patrol. Patrols 2-3, 6-7 & this patrol in 1968.

PFC Deldbert Enos, will work on 15 patrols with Jim Southall. Patrols 10-13, 15-19, 21-23 & 25-27 in 1968. Delbert He carried the M79 grenade launcher on most of the patrols in Vietnam.

PFC Jeffery S Patterson,  worked with Jim Southall on four patrols in 1st Recon Battalion. Patrols 1-3 and this patrol. Jeffery was killed on hill 200 June 3rd, 1968.

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The Jim Southall Story

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The Jim Southall Story

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The Jim Southall Story, Over 100 Patrol Reports.

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