Patrol Report


February 21st, 1968 #82-68

Patrol Report #717-67

PFC Southall 2nd Patrol 103 hours on Charlie Ridge

Private Bartoloma Alfonso Baldera

Bartolome was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, before his mother brought him to the United States and in the Brooklyn area, New York
Bartolome enlisted in the Marines 21 January 1967, at a Brooklyn Recruiting Office.

Upon arriving in Vietnam 10 December 1967, he was assigned to the 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company, 1st Recon Battalion, 1st Marine Division. Bartolome died of fragmentation wounds to the head and body from an accidental explosion of a grenade, while on a patrol in the vicinity of Dong Den Mountain, 7 kilometers north northwest of the Nam O-Bridge.

Official military cause of death was due to "Other Accident."
Bartolome was single and served his country for 1 year, 1 month and 14 days and was KIA #22,726.

He had been in Vietnam for 2 months and 11 days.

Bartolome was 19 years, 3 months and 7 days old.

Survived by his mother; Helen Vansevicious of 224 15th St, Brooklyn, New York and his father; Bartolome Baldera of address unknown.

Bartolome was buried with full military honors 6 March 1968.

Long Island National Cemetery

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Dong Den Mountain

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